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We Train Some of the Most Effective Leadership with Our Systematic Approach


Reduce unhealthy conflict and drama,
Improve Communication, Achieve New Levels of Success

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Effective Leadership Is A Learned Skill

Developing highly effective leaders is critical for an organization to achieve its mission and objectives.  Unfortunately, for many, the skills and expertise that land you in a leadership position are not the skills that make you an effective long-term leader. Poor communication and leadership skills can wreak havoc on team dynamics, unintentionally creating obstacles and drama within the organization.

Effective leadership is a skill developed over time and through collaboration. Investing in your skills pays off big time for both your company and yourself, whether that’s through training, conferences, MBA programs, mentors, or coaching.

Do These Workplace Scenarios Sound Familiar?

  • Feedback turns into unnecessary drama at your workplace.

  • People on your team take business decisions personally.

  • Annual performance evaluations feel like drudgery.

In the Navigating Challenging Dialogue Skills Training, your team will explore strategies that empower them to participate in emotionally challenging dialogue while staying grounded and equipped to facilitate a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Leadership Certification is intended specifically for leaders and managers who seek to lead effective teams and achieve goals while building a positive and productive organizational culture. Learn to lead, mentor, and coach within your organization while earning professional credit hours

Leadership coaching provides immediate, targeted help to resolve the obstacles you’re facing as a leader today. Working with Beth Wonson, you will have a confidential partner with whom to work out tough decisions, gain skills in effective messaging, and gain insight into thinking errors that hold you back. With this coaching, you’ll establish meaningful tools for best leading your team through necessary change to serve the needs of your organization.  

Amy Burford shares her thoughts on attending the Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Leadership Certification workshop available from Beth Wonson & Company.

Upcoming Workshops

Thank you Beth Wonson for all of your support, guidance and wisdom. I am a better leader because of your workshops and tools and am so excited to be able to learn even more! If you or your organization needs someone to help you navigate through an un-clear time or needs tools to grow Beth is your answer.
— Wendy Lewis, Executive Director, El Camino Homeless Organization

Most Organizations Are Leaking Valuable, Non-Renewable Resources

Most companies, organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits I’ve worked in spend a lot of time and money creating strategic plans, training people on technical aspects of their work, and developing fine experts and skilled staff. But they don’t spend equal time and money on the areas where resources leak out of the organization at the fastest rate – how we engage in the workplace. 

Beth Wonson came to us in a time where as a non profit we needed to evaluate ourselves and our direction as we took another step of growth and change. She is a professional who quickly understood our issues and dynamics. She is skillful with facilitation, evaluation, and team building. Beth Wonson helped us work through challenges at a critical moment in an effective way such that we are on a better path to meet our mission. I was utterly skeptical at the beginning and by the end I was entirely grateful.”
— Andrew DeFranza, Executive Director, Harbor Light Community Partners

Drama And Conflict Are A Chaotic Anchor In Organizations

With the current high velocity of change in our world and within our organizations, the need to have effective, tough conversations is more important now than ever before. It’s critical that organizations use their resources in the best possible way.

The environment you fostered for having difficult discussions as part of our exploration of emotional intelligence and learning emotional leadership skills was well-received and demonstrated during the day. We explored a couple of issues that were emotionally and personally charged, and the effect of dealing with it together was heart-warming and successful. Kudos to you for providing a place where we could explore difficult issues as a group and come out of the experience successfully and with a workable solution.
— Steve Culberson, Delta Stewardship Council

Testimonial Interview with Brian Talley, CEO of Talley Vineyards on his company working with Beth Wonson.


A 6-Step Process To Prepare And Engage In Healthy, Successful Dialogue

I created Navigating Challenging Dialogue® to teach my clients how to tackle the root of communication problems and establish a foundation for rock-solid connection. With a methodology rooted in brain-based research, participants engage in lively group discussion,  targeted coaching,  and experiential activities. 

I want you to know I have enjoyed your sessions very much and appreciate what you do. I always go into your sessions a little nervous and come out totally enjoying them. No one really likes to be pushed or pinned into a uncomfortable position within ourselves. But it has made me think and I believe a better manager. You have made me think and rethink things and I see things differently.
— Rhonda, Farm Supply, Store Manager

Learn Effective Leadership: Dynamics of Leadership Podcast

Join Leadership Consultant Beth Wonson as she examines the skills and strengths that make for effective leadership. Beth Wonson is the founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, a communication skills and leadership certification program.  Beth’s mission is to help managers and leaders best serve themselves and their organization while navigating growth and change.


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