Beth Wonson is a champion of healthy communication and serves nationwide as a speaker, teacher, leadership coach and management consultant to organizations of all sizes, facilitating effective leadership and orchestrating organizational excellence.

With the meaningful connection she creates in her speaking engagements, consultancy and hands-on workshops, Beth encourages her audiences to develop their best strategies to empower, inspire, and motivate. As a result, they’re able to dissolve the drama, disagreements, old baggage and bad feelings that have interfered with achieving their personal and organizational goals.

After active participation in workshops such as Navigating Challenging Dialogue and Joy at Work – Re-energizing Staff , Beth’s clients find themselves arriving at more creative solutions, holding vibrant meetings, engaging in healthy conflict, exchanging constructive feedback, and thriving in the drama-free work environment that’s essential to extraordinarily effective teams.

Whether you are running a large department with big fiscal targets, managing a small, fast-paced start-up, or herding a crew of heart-centered volunteers, you may be thinking, “Who has time for leadership training?” And you’re right, you don’t have time for run-of-the-mill training.

But you’ll find that training created and delivered by Beth Wonson is something more, different, and better.

After 10 years of working with teams using what she calls “static cling” leadership – a style built from whatever stuck from prior leaders – Beth realized her team was effective but too often distracted by preventable drama and stress that had notable health impacts.

But then she was recruited into an organization where they followed an entirely different approach – a strengths-based style that included a blend of research, balance, meditation and nature. It inspired a new direction in Beth’s professional life, and she’s been sharing that exceptional experience and its superior results with her clients since 2011.

Beth’s clients treasure her no-nonsense perspective, her workshop facilitation that keeps participants riveted, active and engaged, and her ability to perform miracles with dysfunctional teams and individuals. She’s considered a lifesaver for their organizations and a much-needed addition to their teams.

Beth writes for industry publications and authored Let Go of the ROCK! – a new look into the dynamics of self-management, co-authored The Everyday Guide to Joy and Abundance and is co-creator of several models recognized for their value as strengths-based approaches to improving work groups and teams.

Her weekly newsletter and Dynamics of Self podcast reflect her personal and professional mission to help you increase your self-awareness and understand how your views, who you are, and the way you show up impact not only yourself but your relationships with those around you.

 Beth Wonson, Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, Coach, Speaker & Author

Beth Wonson, Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, Coach, Speaker & Author

Beth Wonson is an Associate Certified Coach
 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours - Knowledge Based Professional Coach

Our Beliefs

We invite you to learn more about Beth's Speaking EventsLeadership Consulting, and Navigating Challenging Dialogue® workshops. Also consider how our organizational beliefs would help you achieve your maximum potential –

  • Everyone has uniquely valuable strengths and skills that expand and grow when spotlighted and nurtured.
  • The role of leadership is to inspire, motivate, empower, provide resources and hold people accountable, thereby fostering and maximizing their individual skills.
  • Effective leadership and follower-ship must be taught, modeled and nurtured.
  • Being the leader in your life or your business can be scary, lonely and isolating.
  • Everyone needs a trusted coach or mentor to stand with them through the fire.
  • Inspired and empowered employees really can change the world.
  • Beth Wonson is distinctively qualified to bring out the best in you and your team.