Jill Englemann

The workshop and resources have been extremely helpful in my one-on-one conversations and in my team staff meetings. I have used the materials on “Effective, Engaging, and Empowering Staff Meetings” and have completely changed how staff meetings are conducted. This has been well received by my team members, has fostered participation from all team members, and has increased engagement in the meetings.

I have also been using clarifying questions, preparing for dialogue, the challenging dialogue worksheet, and finding grace in the space. All of these practices have been very useful in focusing on the facts, understanding what others are trying to tell me before judging or framing a response, focusing on my circle of influence and helping my team members to do the same, and have led to clearer communication between me and my boss and my co-workers

I do much better in challenging conversations when I take the time to identify the facts of the situation, anticipate how the person will react, and identify the change I hope the person will make as well as the outcome I desire for myself.

The time and cost were well worth the skills I gained and the ability to apply what I learned to my work right away. The cards and stickers have been great for facilitating honest and open discussion within my team. I personally have used the challenging dialogue worksheet the most.

What aspect of Beth's facilitation did I like best? Her effective way of sharing information and resources. The personal coaching that she did with me and other members of the class. The way she made me feel comfortable with expressing my opinions and thoughts.

-Jill Engelmann

Amazing Andrea