How Have You Trained Others to Treat You?

There was a time when I was really mad at an organization for the way (I perceived) they took advantage of me. I was angry and resentful, but what I’ve realized since is they were treating me exactly as I had trained them to – I worked all kinds of hours, I prioritized their goals over mine, and I chose to be involved in every bit of office drama and chaos. But when I decided to stop doing those things, they still had the expectations of me that I trained them to have, and I felt like a victim.

Are there tiny spots in your life (or maybe big ones) where you feel like a victim? Then listen in…

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What Participants Say

"I think the lack of the ability and tools to be able to navigate challenging dialogues can be fatal for any organization. Being able to understand how to approach these conversations and have the tools to make them productive is worth the investment." - Michelle Starnes

“There were several aha moments, such as identifying my own issue behind “the problem” with a coworker. I could have done this on an intellectual level but the training led me here, rather than just “telling me” about it. As an HR pro I appreciate that the training offers guidance to attendees on what to do if the open heart & trigger discussions don’t go anywhere.” - Betsey Nash

Beth Wonson