Who Is Distracting You?

Light bulb moment! A client – who was constantly complaining that she didn’t get certain tasks done because her supervisor was continually distracting her – had an empowering realization. Listen in to hear more…

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Level Up Your Leadership Skills 

The Leadership Certification workshop builds long-term value for yourself and your organization. You can foster positive communication, reduce drama, improve clarity of communication, increase staff job satisfaction, and reduce turnover. Learn to lead, mentor, and coach within your organization!  Sign up for the next Leadership Certification workshop. 

What Participants Say

"My shift in focus, my intention to stay out of business that is not my own has had a dramatic impact on my clarity of purpose and increased my productivity. I would like to think the shifts in my intention and focus have improved my leadership in subtle ways. I just feel as though my influence and impact has a farther reach when I am acting from a place in my heart that is centered and calm and grateful." -Lesley Frisbee

The workshop and resources have been extremely helpful in my one on one conversations and in my team staff meetings. I have used the materials on Effective, Engaging, and Empowering Staff Meetings and have completely changed how staff meetings are conducted. This has been well received by my team members, has fostered participation from all team members, and has increased engagement in the meetings.” - Jill Engelmann

Beth Wonson