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Constructive Conversations in Mixed Company

Elections are here and the holidays are coming!

Constructive conversations in mixed company with Beth Wonson

Are you already dreading tough interactions and challenging conversations? Feeling resigned to being bombarded by strong opposing views?

The next few months typically finds us spending more time with family, friends, colleagues, and clients. As much as we romanticize laughter-filled dinners and holiday gatherings, these are also times that are ripe for emotionally charged conversations.

I can think of many heated conversations in my own life where I wished I had been able to show up differently. Can you? Have you looked back and wished you’d not gotten triggered or let your emotions get the best of you?

My expertise is in how to best navigate conversations rather than react to them. The strategies and tools I teach top executives and leaders help them manage themselves when the stakes are high. These same tools and strategies will work for you when in challenging conversations.


Join me for a “pop up” Navigating Challenging Dialogue® session


You will:

  • Understand the “how” of getting emotionally charged.

  • Discover how to recognize your body’s signal when you are on the cusp of being triggered.

  • Learn the steps to regain your emotional footing quickly and avoid a downward spiral.

learn how to have constructive conversations with Beth Wonson

There’ll be one Live Spot-Coaching Session


With one volunteer* participant, I’ll do a 15-minute spot-coaching for a real-life situation they’re struggling with. We’ll apply these strategies and tools to their specific circumstances.

It’s quite powerful to see this work applied, and to witness a real-life example that you can relate to.

* When you sign up for the event, you can apply to volunteer for the 15-minute, live spot-coaching session.
Beth Wonson, Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

Beth Wonson, Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®


What Clients Say About This Work

I do much better in challenging conversations when I take the time to identify the facts of the situation, anticipate how the person will react, and identify the change I hope the person will make as well as the outcome I desire for myself. The time and cost were well worth the skills I gained and the ability to apply what I learned to my work right away.
— Jill Engelmann
My shift in focus, my intention to stay out of business that is not my own has had a dramatic impact on my clarity of purpose and increased my productivity. I would like to think the shifts in my intention and focus have improved my leadership in subtle ways. I just feel as though my influence and impact has a farther reach when I am acting from a place in my heart that is centered and calm and grateful.
— Lesley Frisbee
Beth Wonson helped us work through challenges at a critical moment in an effective way such that we are on a better path to meet our mission. I was utterly skeptical at the beginning and by the end I was entirely grateful.
— Andrew DeFranza, Executive Director, Harbor Light Community Partners
There were several aha moments, such as identifying my own issue behind “the problem” with a coworker. I could have done this on an intellectual level but the training led me here, rather than just “telling me” about it. As an HR pro I appreciate that the training offers guidance to attendees on what to do if the open heart & trigger discussions don’t go anywhere.
— Betsey Nash, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Grab Your Seat Now to Learn These Strategies!


Join us for one of our live events. Each event is 75 minutes. You'll receive a PDF workbook which you can use to take action on every single strategy we cover. Each session will be recorded, and you will be sent a replay link afterwards.


November 10, 2018
at 9:00 a.m. PT


November 12, 2018
at 4:15 p.m. PT



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