Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

Why Enroll in Leadership Certification?

  • I have used the materials on “Effective, Engaging, and Empowering Staff Meetings” and have completely changed how staff meetings are conducted. This has been well received by my team members, has fostered participation from all team members, and has increased engagement in the meetings. - Jill Englemann

  • There were several aha moments, such as identifying my own issue behind “the problem” with a coworker. I could have done this on an intellectual level but the training led me here, rather than just “telling me” about it. - Betsey Nash

  • I would recommend the Leadership Certification to anyone who has to perform evaluations, give feedback on performance, or supervises staff. This Leadership Certification will give you the tools to keep your conversations clean, clear, and on target without feeling guilty or anxious about providing the feedback expected by your company, team, and yourself. - Deb Walter