Welcome, Certified & Master Facilitators!

 Restricted to Graduates of the Leadership Certification workshop

Restricted to Graduates of the Leadership Certification workshop

 Restricted to Registrants of the Mastermind Program

Restricted to Registrants of the Mastermind Program


About the Resource Center

The official source for downloadable materials and resources to support facilitation, coaching, and mentoring of Navigating Challenging Dialogue® skills.

About the Mastermind Program

The Mastermind Program provides access to additional content and information that just could not be included within the 3-day workshop. It is the forum to answer the questions you didn’t even know you had. The feedback you receive will help you to refine your skills and implement new information as you are providing training and mentoring. This model is the perfect Experiential Learning methodology. [ Read the full description. ]

What is a Master Facilitator?

Master Facilitators are Certified Facilitators who have made an investment of time to further developing their Navigating Challenging Dialogue® skills. They are consistently active in facilitating, mentoring, and coaching Skills Training. They also regularly participate actively in live Mastermind sessions. [ Read about the Rewards and Requirements. ]

don't see the individual "Resource Center" or "Mastermind Program" buttons?

After logging into the Teachable web site, click [MY COURSES], in the upper-right corner of the Teachable window.

Have Questions About Your Access?

The Resource Center and Mastermind Program websites are restricted to current Navigating Challenging Dialogue™ Certified and Master Facilitators with active membership in the Mastermind Program. If you're having trouble with your accounts, or accessing the materials you require, please email us the details: support@bethwonson.com

Looking for the Live Mastermind Session? 

All active Mastermind members will receive an emailed invitation to the live session. If you're having trouble locating your invitation, please email us: support@bethwonson.com