Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Mastermind


Upon completing Navigating Challenging Dialogue Leadership Certification, you will be invited to participate in the Navigating Challenging Dialogue Mastermind Program. This includes 12 months access to:

  • The live monthly mastermind sessions (90-minutes each).

  • The live monthly Navigating Challenging Dialogue Cafe - a 60-minute video call to converse and connect with everyone in the Mastermind. Facilitated by Lisa Howard.

  • The Mastermind Slack Channel for intersession sharing, questions, and connection.

  • The Mastermind Resource Center.

  • The Leadership Certification Resource Center.

    PLUS one 30-minute Goal Setting call with Beth Wonson (within next 12 months).


A few years ago, I participated in my first professional mastermind. The intention of the group was to help people take their business to the next level through shared experiences, coaching, mentorship and shared resources. It was one of the most powerful experiences I participated in professionally because amidst all the hubbub of “doing” my work, it was the one time per month that I knew was dedicated to working on me, how I show up, moving toward my goals and perfecting the craft of my work. The energy of the group helped me to see myself in a new light and own the possibilities that they collectively saw in me.

Creating the Leadership Certification program had been a dream of mine for over 5 years. It was something I talked about, fantasized about but could not seem to make a reality. The mastermind experience helped me to move past the place of possibility and move toward reality.


You said YES to the Leadership Certification opportunity because something about it piqued your curiosity. Here’s what I am committed to provide to you in the Mastermind Program:

Spot coaching and check-ins that will empower you to move from making a commitment to showing up and doing the work well. My goal is to help you become a respected leader in the movement, to improve your skills to best prepare Skills Training participants to engage in healthy dialogue.

Monthly teaching sessions on topics and areas of concern that are meaningful and relevant to your growth. We will delve into the technical aspects of skillful program delivery, as well as explore the nuances of the soft skills that help participants experience aha moments and see their way to behavioral change. You will have the unique opportunity to learn from others’ missteps, so you can best avoid them. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the private Mastermind Program website, so you can listen to them again and again.

Group Support comes from tapping into the energy of the Mastermind Program. Just as my first mastermind helped me see myself in a new light, the feedback, reflection, and support of this group will do the same for you. The connections that I built through that first mastermind have served me for years. They are the people I can lean on to debrief a tough day, ask about insight into a struggle, or, best of all, call and celebrate successes!

We are stronger together! Your uniqueness, authenticity, and desire to facilitate meaningful and lasting change in the world are what will make the experience of this Mastermind Program stronger for all of us. Thank you for showing up. Now more than ever, the world needs you!


The development and refinement of Navigating Challenging Dialogue began in 2010. I have delivered this program in over 100 venues with between 10 and 100 participants per session. It’s unrealistic to expect that you can absorb all of that experience and research, or the nuances of facilitating and mentoring, in just 3 days.

The Mastermind Program will provide access to the extended content and information that just could not be included within the 3 days. It will be the forum to answer the questions you didn’t even know you had. The feedback you receive will help you to refine your skills and implement new information as you are providing training and mentoring. This model is the perfect Experiential Learning methodology.


As a member of the Mastermind Program you will participate in a monthly call with a community of people are using Navigating Challenging Dialogue® to foster positive communication, reduce drama, and improve clarity of communication.

Each session will feature a special topic presentation. For example:

  • What is different when you have union employees in the room.

  • How to build trust when managers and staff attend together.

  • How to discuss the value and benefits of the training.

  • What to do when no one shares!

  • Making facilitating activities easy.

You will be invited to ask your questions, and share your experiences and successes, so we can all grow together.

Each session will include one or two spot-coaching sessions opportunities.

In between monthly sessions you will be receiving communication regarding updates, opportunities for practice, and mentoring from me. You’ll also have unlimited access to the Resource Center with downloadable materials and resources to support facilitation, coaching, and mentoring.

As a member of the Mastermind Program you will also be eligible to apply to become a Master Trainer. This opens the door to:

  • receive referrals from Beth Wonson & Company

  • have your name, photo and bio listed in the Navigating Challenging Dialogue directory

  • get priority access to trainings and coaching opportunities

You will never have to miss a session because each session will be recorded and available for replay on your schedule.

Upon completion of 12 months in the Mastermind Program, you will be invited to re-enroll for another year.