Ah ha moment

I've been feeling so pleased that I have overcome my life long struggle with being happy, content, unafraid of being "alone". Now, I generally can't wait to retreat to the quiet comfort of my living space. When I arrived at hotel in Jakarta with limited Internet and a big cavernous hotel where no one understood me, I got really anxious and slightly crazy that the World Wide Web of connection was not available whenever I started to feel uncomfortable.

As I reflected in my journal, I thought of my many mentors who found their aloness inner peace Pre-Internet. And realized I've still got work today. And the universe is saying "great job so far. Let's start stretching out of the comfort zone". And I respond "FINE!" And anyone who knows me, knows what that means.

Off to the rainforest where the World Wide Web is strung with vibration, energy, animal wisdom, earth and stars.

And I again I say, "thank you to my roommate Linda who is witness to my journey with understanding and wisdom".