Co-conspirator Alert

I caught the last few minutes of a talk the other day and can't even accurately identify the speaker. But what grabbed me was this message "By the time you come up with an idea or a concept, the universe (nature, God, the Creator, et al) is already conspiring with you to manifest it" . The big question that made my head spin is So what comes first? That destiny, fate, God (et al) already has the plan in place and created the ability or opening in me to form a thought around it? Or did I create come up with a plan or idea and then when I put the energy into the universe (et al), they conspire to help me manifest it?

The real kicker is The question is the same regardless of if the thought or idea is negative or positive! My take away from the whole thing, (and mind you, I only heard about 3 minutes of this presentation) is I best be aware of the energy of my thoughts (especially as related to negative thinking) because the universe (et. al) is the universe is a pretty powerful co-conspirator! Moving forward