Don't do that! You'll stub your toe!

I've been really pondering and becoming aware of the power of our thoughts. Or more specifically the energy of our thoughts and the case for putting positive energy into the universe instead of negative energy...and understanding the role of thought in that process. I used to be someone who worried. When an idea was presented or when I saw a situation, I would come up with all the reasons why it was important to be fearful. My favorite is a child, running joyfully, playing freely and some adult (used to be me) says, "Don't do that! You'll stub your toe." And the child stops. Or maybe not, but they stub their toe. And the adult says, "I told you that would happen!"

So which came first? Was stubbing the toe preordained? Or did the negative energy of the thought change the outcome?

I am choosing to believe the later and so I've now begun incorporating the "Stop. Rewind. Delete" method for when I begin a negative thought. This has been extremely helpful now that I'm fully going into business on my own.

I put it out into the universe that by April 1, 2013 I wanted to be fully employed by my coaching/consulting/grant writing/leadership development/strategic planning business "Beth Wonson Consulting" . I take comfort in my learning about positive thought and manifestation. And I embrace the believe (or knowing) that the universe allows us to dream dreams, birth ideas and shape our future AND the universe is willing and able to support those things that we can envision. Therefore, it is really important to manifest ideas and dreams that are positive because I sure don't want to engage the universe in helping me manifest my negative thoughts.

Martha Beck said that healers don't manifest the future, they just fall in love with what is already to be. And I just heard another person saying that once we manifest the idea of what is to be, it is created and our job as physical beings is simply to catch up to it.

I'm going with these two concepts, tossing in some "Stop, rewind, delete" action when I begin to feel myself go to the comfortable place of worry and thinking about all that could go wrong.

And I'm going to run and play without worry of stubbing my toe. Want to join me? IMG_1502