I've been reflecting on my decision to move to California nearly 8 years ago. My questioning has been ignited by the fact that my daughter Annie is planning her wedding. And she is across the country in Massachusetts. She is the first of my two amazing daughters to marry. I feel somewhat isolated from nuances of the day today planning process by my physical distance. Emotionally and spiritually (and cell phone and email) I am connected minute by minute. My point today however is that I began thinking "I wish I hadn't moved away." What would it be like if I were living there instead of in the place I love? As I was sitting with this thought and writing in my journal I can I know that would have been a better decision? How can I possibly begin, in reflection, to unravel 8 years of a journey based on one decision to determine if it was the best decision?

What I know for certain in this moment is that I have two amazing daughters...each a person I respect, admire, love and really like a lot. And that every decision I've made over the past 54 years has brought me to this very moment. A moment of having two amazing daughters. And this moment is all I really have or need. So to spend it pondering the past or worry about the future is nothing more than missing this moment of happiness and appreciation.

I'm not the first to discover this concept, But tonight I feel like I am.

I choose to live in this moment with gratitude, positive energy and trust that all is as it is supposed to be.

Thank you to Lily and Annie for continuing to be my teachers, my friends and my amazing daughters.