Being Present

Developed for the Crawford Collaborative Consulting Retreat, June 20-22, 2013 In this moment I will bring my whole being—body, mind and spirit—to the here and now. This moment originates and lives deep within me.

I enter the present moment by grounding myself. I feel the earth beneath my feet, the sun on my face, and the touch of the breeze in my hair. I breathe into what I am feeling, spiritually, emotionally and physically, without judgment. I acknowledge and have gratitude for the challenging and for the blissful. For feelings of discomfort and for feelings of joy. And embrace them all as road maps on my journey to fulfilling my soul purpose and living my authentic life. They guide me to do the work that I was uniquely created to do.

Being present is a practice that is not always valued in the demands of our hyper-aware, multi-tasking world. For many of us, me included, the business of “doing” sometimes causes me to miss the experience of “this very moment”.

Through practice I can drop into this moment quickly. And am provided with a world of knowledge about the next right step, the next action to take, or a feeling that warns I’m veering off my path. This knowledge serves me more effectively than any other data available. Through practice I gain confidence in the truth that is revealed.

By being in the present moment, I create a quiet place for inspired actions to come forth. Inspired actions alert me to the potential for meaningful collaboration, manifest dreams and pave a smooth road to operate in a state of ease. I am able to confidently do the work that only I am uniquely capable to bring forth in the world. The work that the world is waiting and needing for me to do!

A framework for being present in this moment.

1. Ground yourself in this moment. Feel the earth beneath your feet, the sun on your face, and the wind in your hair. 2. Breathe fully, expansively and deeply and allow you focus to drop down into the deepest part of your body. 3. Acknowledge any feelings in your body, physical, spiritual or emotional. Positive or challenging. Thank them for their message and release them. 4. Drop in one place lower than the feelings. Listen for a message about what is below them. 5. Be aware of and acknowledge any inspired actions that come to you. Avoid the temptation to analyze them, mitigate them or deny them. That is simply your inner critic trying to protect you.

Through out the day, practice dropping into the present moment. Journaling is one fantastic way to capture reflections, a-ha’s or inspired actions.