Why I'm not a fan of goal setting!

Wait...what? A leadership coach who doesn't like goal setting? How can that be?  

Well, it is true. I am not a fan of goal setting. I have found that setting very specific goals can be both limiting and damaging. Limiting in that when you are so focused on a goal you can miss the unimaginable opportunity that creeps in right under your nose. And damaging in that not achieving a narrow goal within a specific time frame can make you feel...well...like a loser!


I can hear you asking, "So, Beth, what can I do to make sure I achieve some things I want in the New Year?"


Here's my advice...


1. Consider what you want more of in your work, in love, in health, in wisdom and in wealth in 2015. Make a list under each heading. Some of mine include more connection (to myself and my strengths, with those I serve, with family, with nature and with being intentional in how I use my resources). I want freedom (to do the work I believe in and is aligned with my strengths, to spend deep connection time with my daughters and those I love, to read, dream, write, create and breathe). I want freedom from my final addiction, sugar.


2.  Use the information gathered in answering what you want more of in love, in health, in wisdom and in wealth to identify two or three themes for 2015. Mine, as you can see, are connection and freedom.


3. Every time you are presented with a choice, evaluate it thorough the lens of how it will or will not bring you more of what you desired. How it aligns with and supports your themes. It doesn't mean you can't add too or do different things, but being intentional is the key. This will help you use your resources to achieve what you want.


4.  Identify and schedule activities that will bring you more of what you desire. For me it could be writing each morning or taking a walk every day.  Or it could be connecting with the intention of scheduling speaking engagements monthly where I can share my passion for my work and the positive outcomes I've seen with clients.


5. Reflect often. Acknowledge what has been brought forward through your intention. Celebrate in it. And when you see something is really working...do more of it!



For me, setting goals often feels like fixing or remediation. And none of us are broken! Setting intentions feels more like manifesting and creating.  Enjoy!