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Roaring Fires in the Night Sky

We went camping a few weekends ago, and I’m pretty good at building campfires, but it’s close to impossible to build a good fire with bad wood.

Fortunately, our sad, smoky little fire was rescued by two pairs of gentlemen on two separate occasions. With their tattoos and camos, they appeared to be the opposite of us. But it turned out we had at least one thing in common, and answering the question it raised connected all of us, despite all.

Listen in to hear how our paths crossed and what I found there.

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The Matter of Trust

In this day and age, information is moving at the speed of light. Circumstances are constantly evolving, creating, and re-creating themselves faster than any of us can keep up. It can leave us feeling left behind, left out, or unheard -- all of which can damage our ego, instill fear or vulnerability, and flip emotional triggers.

The solution is for each of us to reorient our ideas around Trust. Listen in for 6 questions about trusting others, 5 on trusting ourselves, and our 4 choices.

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