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Let Go of the Rock, Revisited

When we clutch and cling to what we treasure, our tightly closed fist prevents us from accepting anything more, and it can also prevent our moving forward with ease and freedom.

Listen in (or read on) for a short, sweet story about a child who learned to open her fist, which, in turn, opened my eyes – and also a list of nine rocks that many of us hold onto.

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Don't Take It Personally

How many times during the course of your day do you overhear things, see things, read things and take them personally? Choosing to be curious and to ask questions is the pathway away from drama and chaos. Join Beth as she uncovers why we take things personally and how you can disrupt that tendency. Just proclaiming “I will not take things personally!” isn’t enough to switch us. Instead, Beth explains how taking things personally is a practice, a choice.

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The Matter of Trust

In this day and age, information is moving at the speed of light. Circumstances are constantly evolving, creating, and re-creating themselves faster than any of us can keep up. It can leave us feeling left behind, left out, or unheard -- all of which can damage our ego, instill fear or vulnerability, and flip emotional triggers.

The solution is for each of us to reorient our ideas around Trust. Listen in for 6 questions about trusting others, 5 on trusting ourselves, and our 4 choices.

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