So, You'd Like A Peek Into How I Built My Business

I certainly understand first hand what it takes to build a business like mine from scratch.

It has taken me since 2010 to get to where I am today. Many people who are starting out, struggling in their business, or simply looking to connect with like-minded people reach out and ask for a connection call. And I love doing these.

If you are one of These Business Owners, thank you for your interest!

My schedule is such that I can only prioritize one such call a month. You can schedule that appointment online, right now.

commonly asked questions During these connection sessions


Why did you start your business? 

In 2010 I was between jobs and didn’t want to be employed by someone else. I wanted to establish my own gig using my own skills and built with my own sweat equity, values and commitment. I wanted to know I could do it.

How much money did you have behind you? 

I had one contract for $750, a new mortgage and 3 months of living expenses in the bank. It was go time.

How did you get your first clients? 

I sent an email to 13 contacts saying I had some consulting hours available. These were people who were familiar with my range of skills and expertise. I said, “Would you like to buy any?”. The next day 9 of them responded affirmatively and asked for calls to decided what I’d do for them. Some were grant writing, some were social media support and some were coaching. 

How did you decide your niche?

In the beginning I did whatever came my way. If the request was reasonably connected to my skills and I could Google how to do it, I did. I needed the money and the testimonies to support building my business. In time I was able to let go of what I didn’t want to do and only take work I loved doing with clients I love to work with. It took about 3 years for this to fully form.

How do you get business today?

Since 2010 only 3 clients have come through a doorway other than a referral. Two of those clients I took because I needed income and eventually fired as clients because we were not a good fit. And one worked out wonderfully but he met my criteria of a good fit. 

I ask people I don’t know to have a meet and greet meeting. I sell nothing.  I just share what I do and let them see if my services are a resource for them. I do speaking gigs. I have a strong social media presence. I’ve written three books and I stay connected to every client I’ve worked with. I ask for referrals and testimonials. I treat everyone like a friend (with boundaries).

I listen to my heart and my gut in regard to what work to accept and what to let go of. Sometimes I don’t listen and push forward and then I’m reminded again.

What are your primary offerings?

  • Leadership Consulting

  • Executive Coaching

  • Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Skills Training

  • Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Certified Trainer Workshops

  • Strategic Planning

  • Team Development

  • Keynote Speaking

How do you set your pricing?

I determine the value of my work and my time. I also identify what I need for revenue to support myself, my business, to do good in the world and to have an amazing support team. And then I stand in that value when I share my pricing with clients.

What do you recommend to someone starting out?

  • Don’t worry too much about niche. Niche will reveal itself to you over time. Do enough work and your clients will help you see your niche.

  • Find YOUR voice. Develop your authentic work. Don’t just replicate others work. Do your research. Develop and test your methodology. Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

  • Connect, connect, connect – everyone you meet is a potential client. Build your referral network.

  • As soon as you can pay people who can do the things you don’t like to do or don’t want to do but are required for a business. It leaves more time to do what makes you money.

  • Beware of anyone who promises an easy path to fame and fortune. Most of those folks are multi-level marketing programs. They will recommend a litany of services you MUST HAVE, all of which are connected to affiliate programs where they profit if you buy. If you do get to what they proclaim to be their level of fame and fortune, you likely will have taken a hollow journey that leaves you feeling crappy. And if you don’t, you’ve thrown away a ton of money and supported their scheme.

  • Listen to podcasts by people who are doing and living as you’d like to be. Learn from them. Avoid ones that are pushing products.

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How Do I Schedule a Time to Talk with Beth?

You can sign-up here and now! Please remember, my schedule is such however that I can only prioritize one such call a month. If you have any questions, you can contact me and my team here.