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In order to have you demonstrate your skills and expertise, please complete the assignment below

These exercises are designed to determine if your work style and processing aligns with our strategic vision, and how well you work independently. The materials you submit will be not be published, and are only used for evaluation purposes.

Step 1: Review Our Sample Materials and Existing Work

  • In order to perform the steps below, you will need to refer to our Branding Guidelines and use the information there.
  • You will also need this sample PDF to refer to, as most of our materials are based on this design.
  • Here is a Microsoft Word template that can be used as the basis for the handout you'll create. 
  • We encourage you to check out our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to understand our messaging and brand design.

Step 2: Create a New Handout

Real-world scenario: Using this Draft Document that Beth created, create a formatted handout.

  • Use our company brand colors, fonts, and guidelines. 
  • You'll be sending us both the original Microsoft Word file and a PDF version along with your application.

Step 3: Create an Ad Image

Real-world scenario: Create an Ad image promoting the Skills Training workshop. Using a image-editing program, create a layered PSD file that incorporates:

  • The "Skills Training Workshop" image
  • The quote "“With this work, desirable outcomes happen in the places we put intention and attention.”
  • The image displayed here on the right ->


  • Export a final JPG version that is 500 KB or less. 

  • You'll be sending us both the original, layered PSD file and a flattened JPG version along with your application.

Step 5: Complete The Form Below (and Upload the files You created)

Applications must include all the requested documents in order to be considered. 

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Send us all of the files you created in Steps 2-4 by clicking on the UPLOAD button now.