An Alternative to Avoidance

I recently arranged a meeting with a new prospective client; A CEO who was concerned that their office culture had too much drama and too little accountability. When I walked into the front office the woman at the reception desk barely glanced up. As I waited, a frazzled woman stepped out of a side office and greeted me. The receptionist returned to whatever she was doing on her computer.

When I met with the CEO I mentioned what I had just observed. He explained, “Oh yes, Mary, the receptionist, has been here a long time. Everyone loves her but she is horrible at greeting people so we have Cindy from Accounting do that.”

As he spoke, it was like he heard the audacity of the workaround for the first time. He quickly added, “For now, we don’t want to rock the boat. We tried talking to her a long time ago and she became even more miserable.”

How often do you create workarounds to avoid potential conflict that can arise from speaking the truth? Are you making more problems in the workplace when you resist having hard conversations? 

Apply today to learn how to stop avoiding conflict and learn to speak your truth, with empathy and a focus on the good of the whole! Email for more information. 

Beth Wonson