Desirable Outcomes

Meet Roseanne. Roseanne has been selected as a candidate for the Executive Leadership path in her organization. Everyone has confidence in her skill, ability, and capability – except Roseanne.

Roseanne’s brain is constantly scanning for affirmation that her unspoken self-doubts are true. That she, in fact, is not skillful enough or capable enough. And with one misstep, others will find that out too. She finds herself focusing every email, conversation, or action by executives to find validation of this negative story. With this behavior, she is often missing what matters.

Roseanne began working with Beth because her supervisor recognized that something was getting in Roseanne’s way, but she just couldn’t put her finger on what. She also knew Roseanne absolutely had to work through whatever it was.

In the Navigating Challenging Dialogue Skills Training Roseanne learned a simple, 6-step process that empowered her to manage how she responds to her own limiting negative stories versus reacting to them and manifesting more self-doubt. This process is one of the key components of Navigating Challenging Dialogue™ and is referred to as “Grace is in the space”.

By practicing her new skills Roseanne is realizing that where she puts her attention and intention matters. In turn, by practicing these skills, she’s achieving her desirable outcomes.

If you would like to break through whatever is holding you back, be like Roseanne and check out Navigating Challenging Dialogue:

Beth Wonson