From Skeptical to Grateful

“At the request of one of our directors, we made an investment in leadership training with Beth Wonson & Company. I was skeptical that this would have a lasting impact on the culture of our organization, but I was willing to try anything. During the first session, Beth’s experience, knowledge and direct approach allowed me to see our challenges from a different perspective. It actually gave me the confidence to make some changes I’d long been thinking about. In the beginning I was skeptical and now I’m grateful for our relationship with Beth Wonson & Company."

Navigating Challenging Dialogue Leadership Certification teaches you to: 

  • Create a safe space for tough dialogue.
  • Encourage staff to effectively bring up concerns and challenges.
  • Role-model proactive problem solving.
  • Give and receive feedback.
  • Delegate with clarity.
  • Increase accountability. 

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Lisa Howard