Have you become "The Fixer?"

"I was becoming more and more frustrated at work. I had become 'The Fixer.' If someone else was going to miss a deadline or didn’t know how to do a task, I jumped in to save the day. I didn’t know how not to without damaging relationships or putting my own job at risk. My happiness both at work and at home was suffering.

Then I took the Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Skills Training and Beth helped me to see how I was actually choosing this role. Now I am able to use the skills from the training to speak my truth with empathy, set clear boundaries and ask powerful questions that actually help others become more engaged and accountable. I’m happier at work then I’ve been in a long time. Even my family is noticing! Thanks Beth.”

If you’d like to get back on track for ease and happiness at work (and at home) sign up for our Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Skills Training click below or email us today at support@bethwonson.com

Beth Wonson