Increase Commitment to Outcomes

“Our strategic planning process was faster, more energetic and we were able to both present and challenge ideas with no one taking things personally. Leaving the meeting I felt much more buy-in to the plan than I had in past years” reported Cara.

When I returned for a strategic plan check in at the 6-month mark, Cara shared that her department had exceeded their specific goals. When I asked her what made the difference she said, “After the Navigating Challenging Dialogue session we did with you, I was much more proactive and invested in the goal setting process. I showed up and participated more fully. I left with a plan I believed in and was committed to achieving.”

“Now I realize,” continued Cara, “that the places where I put intention and attention are truly the places where we see the biggest growth. Before I learned the Navigating Challenging Dialogue Skills, I wasn’t fully participating and I didn’t even realize it.”

If you’d like to get more attention, intention and results from your strategic planning process, reach out today to bring Navigating Challenging Dialogue Skills Training to your team!

Lisa Howard