The Freedom of an Open Mind

When my supervisor signed me up for the Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Leadership Certification, I had no idea what to expect. I had never heard of it before so I just showed up with an open mind and no expectations. This attitude allowed me to challenge my own previously held beliefs and explore a whole new way of working, leading and engaging as a team.

One of the foundational concepts of Navigating Challenging Dialogue is that letting go of always being the expert can actually build trust. This was profound for me! Research shows how the speed of innovation makes it no longer possible to be the expert yet we as leaders still often strive for expert status. I could feel myself relaxing as I learned that it is much more empowering to the team when leaders engage as curious learners versus needing to be the only one who holds all the knowledge. 

Coming into this workshop with an open mind and no expectations allowed me to grow my leadership skills and confidence in leaps and bounds. Further, I recognized that showing up with an open, curious mindset in front of my team will benefit them as well!

There's still time to register for our upcoming Navigating Challenging Dialogue Leadership Certification on June 19 - 22 in Sacramento, CA. Contact us at for more information or click below to register.  

Beth Wonson