Introductory Team Development Workshop

The first step in transforming or improving teams and workgroups.

An integral first step in improving culture, climate, retention, and goal achievement, Beth will communicate with you in advance to ensure that the goals and culture of the organization are understood and incorporated in the design.

The workshop is then intentionally designed to be meaningful and relevant for your participants.

Groups of 6-30 participants from all levels of your organization will take a confidential online strengths or work style assessment in advance of the workshop. During the workshop they will participate in fun and engaging activities, dialogues, and spot coaching to advance understanding and effective use of the both individual and shared strengths.

Throughout the workshop they will explore cognitive shortcuts, triggers, and the how’s and why’s of resisting accountability and collaboration. Through the lens of brain-based research and emotional intelligence, they will begin to debunk common myths and challenge their own long-held thinking errors that stifle collaboration and clear communication. The experiences of the day will help them to begin to unpack silo and scarcity thinking and develop a strategy for moving forward with improved unity and trust.

Following the workshop Beth will provide recommended next steps and resources for continued team development.

Recommended time frame: 6 hours, including a 45-minute lunch break.

Suitable for Executive teams, mid-level teams, cross-functional teams, departments, or virtual workgroups.

Contact us for pricing and more information.

Joy At Work - Re-Energizing Staff

Self-awareness and self-management are key attributes contributing to employees’ success, happiness, purpose, and fulfillment. When employees lack skills or the awareness of how to assess situations, manage their responses, and positively contribute to team goals, the result can be blaming, helplessness, low productivity, gossip, and drama. The cost to the organization is loss of time and productivity, increased turnover, and contagious negativity running through entire departments.

In this fun and engaging workshop, employees will learn to become empowered to make positive shifts. We will explore thinking errors and behavior patterns and explore how our brains deal with stress and fear. Employees will gain insight into how they each can positively impact drama, conflict, and productivity as well as alter negative patterns of behavior. This is a fun, activity-rich workshop focused on improving happiness and satisfaction in work and in life. (Appropriate for audience sizes of 6-600)

Participants will:

  • Explore ways to create and maintain a healthy relationship with work. Uncover their default style under stress, and garner tips to mitigate negative reactions.
  • Learn to set boundaries and eliminate gossip and drama.
  • Learn how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy conflict.
  • Identify their own authentic play style and how it use it to improve productivity.
  • Be introduced to the ways in which we all avoid and resist accountability.
  • Identify tools to transfer learning to maintain or improve work satisfaction and joy

Navigating Challenging Dialogue™

Managing yourself to be a more balanced, focused and effective in all aspects of communication.Do you have butterflies in your stomach as you walk into a difficult conversation?

Does feedback turn into unnecessary drama at your workplace?Are people on your team taking business decisions personally?Do annual performance evaluations feel like drudgery?

In the 3 hour workshop, participants will explore:

  • How to proactively establish the environment for positive dialogue.
  • Strategies for effective communication even when delivering challenging feedback.
  • Recognizing and mitigating triggers that cause dialogue to get off track and end poorly.

We have gotten so much positive feedback from everyone about the Navigating Challenging Dialogue™ training – you are an outstanding facilitator. We keep hearing that employees really enjoyed the straightforward kind of conversation you were having with us. Lot’s of tangible take aways. ~Jenn HR Director, Sports Warehouse, San Luis Obispo

In the 5 hour workshop participants will explore all of the above and:

  • A system to create an environment of collaboration, empowerment and teamwork.

This workshop can be held at your site for your team or in a series of on-line workshops.

Creating Self-Aware Leaders

Do you have a highly skilled workforce that is losing productivity?Do have managers that need to grow into leaders?Do you want leaders who inspire, motivate and practice accountability?

In the 3 hour workshop, participants will:

  • Gain awareness into their strengths and gaps through self-assessment.
  • Explore the characteristics and behaviors of self-aware leaders.
  • Learn tools and strategies to increase their leadership presence.

In the 5 hour workshop, all content above will be covered as well as:

  • The development of an action plan and accountability to move from manager to self-aware leader.

Centered Customer Service

Is your customer service process creating burnout for your customers and your staff?Does your staff react versus respond to customer service?Would you like to turn customer issues into opportunities?

In this 3 hour session, participants will learn a simple, six step process that supports them to:

  • Respond not react.
  • Release stress and tension.
  • Create customer connection in ways that don’t break your bank.

Take a Break From Ambition

Are you working longer hours but not getting the results you want?Do you hear yourself complaining more and more about being “tired” and “overwhelmed”?Are you dreading Monday morning instead of loving it?Do you want to amp up results and passion with ease? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the workshop for you!

This 3 hour workshop can be delivered in a one-to-one coaching format, in person for 3 to two hundred people, or for a small group at a home or meeting.

Participants will:

  • Challenge common myths and paradigms about work.
  • Re-frame thinking.
  • Learn to create more space and balance.
  • Reconnect to passion and purpose.

Who Am I as A Team Member?

Are top performing individuals on your team not contributing?Are some members dominating and others not being heard?Do you have a group of A players who you want to be A+? This full-day workshop can be delivered at your site or in a retreat format.

Minimum of 8 participants

Participants will:

  • Engage in experiential activities that showcase how each person shows up in the team.
  • Gain insight into communication, collaboration and problem-sovling through debriefing and reflection.
  • Set goals to transfer key learning back to the workplace.

One-to-One Leadership Coaching

We all hit that moment where we want more but don’t know how to get there. We are outgrowing our current skills. Ready to make a leap, up-level and accomplish the next set of goals or dreams. Sometimes we can be that person everyone dreads working with, even though our knowledge and skills are highly regarded. Or perhaps we are loved and successful in business but aren’t happy, feeling the passion and purpose or seeing the results we are capable of. If any of this sound like you (or someone who reports to you), than you are one of Beth’s ideal coaching clients!

Beth’s unique ability to create connection and build trust combined with her methodology create the space within which your growth will happen.

8 session minimum engagement

Virtually or in person

Leadership Series

A leadership development program like no other! Your team of current or aspiring leaders will learn the nuances of leadership, participate in coaching and feedback sessions and build skills in the core competencies of effective and sustainable leadership:

  • -Self Leadership
  • -Organizational Leadership
  • -Team Leadership

Who is this for:

Anyone who has found themselves in a leadership role, but has not had training, coaching or mentoring for effective leadership.

Anyone who has been leading for a while but they (or others) are noticing that their passion and sense of purpose is decreasing while their lack of patience is increasing.

Anyone who has the potential or desire to move into a leadership role, but has not participated in leadership development.

For companies or organizations who desire to include leadership development in their talent development offerings but don’t have the staff, capacity or expertise to do so.

Business owners, corporate leaders, non-profit leaders, successful leaders, struggling emerging leaders and those interested in advancing to leadership.

This series can be held at your site for your staff or delivered virtually. Content will be customized to your industry and audience.

Contact Beth for details and more information!

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